Tablatures (More Coming)

To view these Tablatures you must have a PDF viewer. You can get Adobe Reader Here.

We now offer a number of our tunes in Tabledit format. To view these files you can download Tabledit Here.

Beautiful Shana - Tabledit

Gentle Chris - Tabledit

Look and See - Tabledit

Too Little, Too Late - Tabledit

Waltz for Briony - Tabledit

Rollerskating Jo - Tabledit

Waltz for Wayne - Tabledit

Scotland John's Tune - Tabledit

Tune for Kenzie - Tabledit

Whizzing Past - Tabledit

Lace and Liver

Tribute to Jarle Fjeldheim - Tabledit

Tribute to Roger Poitevin - Tabledit



Where's Jarle? - Tabledit

**Special thanks to Roger Poitevin for his help with the Tabledit format.**


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